Monday, July 14, 2014

Animation Demo Reel

00:05 "Stuck" (Personal short film)
00:10 "Glen Martin DDS" (Tornante)
00:12 "Life's A Zoo" (Cuppa Coffee Studio)
00:13 "Glen Martin DDS
00:16 "Dino Paws" (BBC kids)
00:36 "Glen Martin DDS"
00:40 "Dino Paws" (BBC kids)
01:15 "Glen Martin DDS"
01:18 "Stuck"
01:19 "Glen Martin DDS"
01:28 "Stuck"
01:32 "Life's A Zoo"
01:34 "Stuck"
01:39 "Life's A Zoo"
01:41 "Glen Martin DDS"
01:47 "Ever After High" (Matel) Animated in Harmony
01:51 "Glen Martin DDS"
01:59 "A Miser Brothers Christmas" (WB)

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